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Sunset at the Timucuan Preserve
Sunset at the Timucuan Preserve

“Where the Waters Meet”

Riverfront RV Park & Marina is a quaint northeast Florida RV community located at an estuary where the St. Johns River and the Sisters Creek meet. We are only a few short minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches. Surrounded by the captivating Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, the Nassau River St. Johns Aquatic Preserve, and a newly dedicated 90-acre marshland and wild life preserve, we are known by some locals as the hidden gem of Jacksonville.

The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve’s visitor center, part of the National Park Service, is located at the Fort Caroline National Memorial across the St. Johns River from our RV park. The visitor center hosts the exhibit, “Where the Waters Meet,” which showcases the richness and diversity of the northeast Florida water ways, flora and fauna, and aquatic lives.

Surrounded by  the awesome beauty and  the unique history, we are constantly reminded of our stewardship in taking good care of this land where the Timucuans and the French colonists first met some 450 years ago.